Transportation and Customer Service

Transportation Services:
Progressive Steel Treating has an extensive ground transportation network.  We offer pickup and delivery to cover our local markets.  Our trucking fleet is linked throughout the region by mobile cellular phones to ensure rapid communication and offer the finest quality service to our customers. Our fleet ranges in size from vans to semis to meet a wide range of transportation needs.  If your choice is standard ground trucking service, we offer special discount rates to transport your products throughout the region and North America.

Customer Services:
Our customer service staff is dedicated to serving your needs.  We offer support in areas such as setting up pre-production processing, transportation services or Just-In-Time rush processing. Computer process control helps us monitor ongoing processing and part history. This system maintains and monitors all process variables.  Printing process reports for customers is a snap.  Our computerized network system tracks orders and part processing history for fast accurate customer response. Customer service works with all internal departments to help communicate your needs.  Service never stops at Progressive Steel.

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