Batch Furnace Department

Our Batch Furnace department is equipped with the latest processing equipment.  They are certified monthly and comply with Military and Commercial standards. The following types of materials are processed; carbon steels, forgings, and castings.

Process Capabilities
* Anneal
* Case harden
* Carbonitride
* Through harden
* Normalize
* Carbon restoration

Furnace Size and Capabilities
* (4) 22" wide x 34" long x 15" high
* 600 lbs. load capacity
* Temperature range 0-1750 F

Process Control:
* Infrared gas control atmosphere
* Computer process control
* Temperature and atmosphere control equipment

Quench Capabilities:
* Oil
* Air / Nitrogen
* Water / Polymer

Additional Services:
* 24 hour turnaround available (call for services)
* Metallurgical staff consulting
* Military certification
* Certified control charts (times and temperatures)

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inline batch furnaces

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