Progressive Steel Treating


Our cryogenics department offers the latest in cryogenics treatment.  The equipment is certified monthly to comply with Military and Commercial standards.  The following benefits are available when using this process: tool steels yield two to five times longer life, permanent volumetric enhancement of metal properties, dimensional stabilizing of aluminum optics, and thermal cycling.

Process Capabilities:
cryogenics * Cryogenics treatment to -120 F using (compressors)
* Cryogenics treatment to -300 F using (N2 system cooling-gas form)
Furnace Size and Capabilities:
(Note; all dimensions are measured in inches)
* Processing area: 30" wide X 48" long X 30" high
* Temperature range: ambient to -300F
Additional Services:
* 24 hour turnaround available (call for services)
* Metallurgical staff consulting
* Military certification
* Certified control charts (times and temperatures)

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